Tuesday, June 30, 2009

making yavox domination work for other chat clients



Here is a simple way of using yavox domination in other chat clients, I tested in yazak, yhook, ytklite, svox and chat admin and it works and has better dominance compare with vc guard or power mic (on my test). First you have to have these tools;
1. yavox domination (1,3 or 4)
2. vc guard (the blue one not the beta version)

1. First open vc guard and select the client you want to protect.

2. open yavox domination.exe, activate domination (For yhook users please change the value 100 in the yavox domination to 200 so that you wont get an error.)

3.Login your client and join a room and open voice. (Notice that the vc guard icon does not change to green thats ok, coz yavox doimination is working you will see the number of voice users in the format (ex.12/12).

4.Now check if you have good dominace. If you had, please don't forget to press the thanks button.

here are some screen shots, notice that I was using different versions of yavox domination


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